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Opt for a comprehensive and attractive rental solution

Choosing an autonomous trolley for a short period or for a long period is now possible.

Forx contracts adapt to all needs from a duration of 36 months.

This flexibility ensures access to cutting-edge technology at any time, without long-term commitment.

Contract for Renting from Forx

Contract length:

  • 36 to 48 months renewable

Included in the contract:

  • AMR Forx stacker

  • Flow management software

  • Two VGP (Periodic General Verification)

  • Parts and labor maintenance

  • Software updates

  • 4 or 5 G connection in AMRs

  • Cloud Forx client

Homme satisfait devant son Robot Mobile Autonome Forx dans un entrepôt, symbolisant la solution clé en main. Flexibilité de location à partir de 3 mois, permettant un accès facile à la technologie de pointe sans engagement à long terme.

Turnkey solution without investment

starting from €1,400 excluding tax per month.*

Contractual flexibility

Forx contracts adapt according to needs (activity peaks, staff shortages, etc.). This flexibility allows you to manage your resources without long-term commitment.

Quick return on investment

With Forx, the automation of logistics operations allows you to reduce costs and increase productivity. An ROI is achieved in less than 4 hours of daily use.

Competitive cost

Forx offers a rental solution at a very attractive cost, making automation accessible even to companies with limited budgets. With Forx operational costs are reduced.

Updates included

Forx leases include regular software and hardware updates. This proactive approach means that the user benefits from the latest program innovations.

*For a 48-month commitment

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