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Discover Forx: French Innovation in Handling

Forx is the result of the collaboration of two French companies, each master in its field: Easymov Robotics specializing in the design of software and electronics, and a French industrial manufacturer leader in the production of heating solutions.

Our mission, democratize AMR

Our ambition at Forx is to democratize access to cutting-edge technology for small and medium-sized businesses. Forx is designed to transform the logistics landscape by delivering unprecedented operational efficiency at an affordable cost. We believe in a future where technology empowers people, allowing everyone to focus on what really matters.

Vue extérieure de notre entrepôt à Meaux, Seine-et-Marne, France, reflétant l'infrastructure logistique de pointe.

Designed and developed in France

Proud of our roots, we develop and design our autonomous mobile robots (AMR) at our industrial production site in Meaux, France.

This local approach allows us to guarantee not only superior quality, thanks to the rigor and know-how of our engineers, but also exceptional responsiveness in monitoring and after-sales service.

By choosing Forx, you not only support technological innovation, but also local employment and the French economy. Our commitment to French production demonstrates our confidence in the industrial potential of our country and our desire to promote a sustainable future for all.

Why Forx?


Reduce labor shortage through automation, freeing employees for skilled roles and improving their engagement


The use of Forx robots reduces payroll costs while maintaining high productivity thanks to their continuous operation.


Thanks to their safe design, Forx robots reduce the risk of accidents for nearby personnel.


Capable of operating 24/7, Forx robots ensure constant productivity without errors or human fatigue.

Join the Forx movement

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