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  • Can we configure the system alone?
    Yes after the first installation you can make corrections to the routes of the robotic stackers, add and remove pick-up and drop-off stations. These operations are simple and accessible on your dedicated cloud. During the first installation, we advise you to assign a person to learn how to use our program. A training day can also be organized, and our services are at your disposal in case you have problems when modifying the programming.
  • How to recharge the Forx stacker?
    It can be charged from any power outlet using a mains cable supplied with the machine, or from an automatic charging station.
  • Can we have an overview of the operation of our installation and the Forx stackers?
    Of course, all our robotic stackers are connected to your cloud which sends them the missions to carry out. The stackers send the report of each mission to the cloud as well as the status of all its components. This system allows us to detect any malfunction of the machine and anticipate possible intervention by our technicians.
  • Can we do software updates remotely?
    Forx stackers are all equipped with a 4G and Wifi connection, which allows us to make permanent improvements to the system, update security vulnerabilities, and add new features that you may need. the following.
  • How does the Forx stacker define the priority of its missions?
    Thanks to on-board artificial intelligence and throughout its missions, the system analyzes the average time of each mission. Depending on where the Forx stacker is located, it adapts to the choice of its grip.
  • Can the Forx stacker work 24/7?
    Yes, but the Forx contract defines a number of daily operating hours.
  • What is the autonomy of Forx stackers?
    The Forx stackers are equipped with a 200 A lithium battery, giving them an average autonomy of 10 hours. Automatic recharging stations can be installed for more daily autonomy.
  • What is its load capacity and its maximum installation and removal height?
    Forx stackers can lift a load of 1 ton to a maximum height of 2.7 meters. The maximum survey height is managed according to the selected program.
  • What is his movement speed?
    The Forx stacker adapts according to the environment, in cramped spaces its speed can be reduced to 0.3 meters per sec. i.e. (1km/h) and in larger areas its speed can reach 1.2 m/sec or 4.3 km/h.
  • What safety devices are fitted to Forx stackers?
    Forx stackers are equipped with more than 14 sensors allowing it to be monitored and stopped immediately in the event of a malfunction. 6 lidars ensure the safety of people and immobilize the machine if they detect any intrusions into the safety zone.
  • What does the Forx stacker do when it encounters an obstacle in its path?
    Equipped with artificial intelligence, the Forx stacker is capable of analyzing the possibility of circumventing an obstacle on its route. If bypassing it is impossible, the stacker stops.
  • Can the Forx stacker load or unload a machine from a production line?
    Yes, the Forx stacker can load and unload a production line, for this it is necessary to develop an interface with the machine designer.
  • Does the Forx stacker have a manual function?
    Yes it can be manipulated manually via its retractable drawbar.
  • How does the Forx stacker geolocate?
    Forx stackers are located using several sensors. 1 lidar which maps the environment, 3 lidars with reflexivity control, 4 wheel speed sensors, an inertial unit measuring accelerations and 1 steering angle sensor for the steering wheel. All these sensors are analyzed by on-board software developed by Easymov Robotics, the parent company of Forx stackers which controls the machine.
  • Can new Forx stackers be added to an existing route?
    The addition of complementary Forx stackers is possible. This addition is recommended if production cycles are too fast and a single stacker is not enough in terms of production.
  • Can the Forx stacker go anywhere?
    Forx stackers are designed to operate inside buildings. The floors must be in good condition so as not to damage the mechanical parts of the device.
  • Can the Forx stacker load or unload a machine from a production line?
    Yes, the Forx stacker can load and unload a production line, for this it is necessary to develop an interface with the machine designer.
  • What should I do if 4G does not work well in my location?
    4G is the preferred means of communication with our cloud, but company wifi can also be used. The Forx stacker does not need to be permanently connected to the server to carry out its missions. The connection is only used to receive the missions to be carried out, and to send back his reports. In case of poor 4G coverage, repeaters can be installed.
  • How can I ensure the security of my computer system?
    All our applications are installed on a cloud dedicated solely to your company. The connection between our stackers and the cloud is made in 4G with VPM. In the case of an interconnection of your production software, your application places the missions to be carried out on our server in a CSV file and reads the mission reports. This solution secures your IT because it is only you who can read and write your IT system. As our Stackers are connected, software updates are carried out as needed to counter any attacks that may be attempted.
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